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Starring and Signed X6 by:

Ben Browder…. John Crichton
Claudia Black…. Officer Aeryn Sun
Virginia Hey…. Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan
Anthony Simcoe…. Ka D’Argo
Lani John Tupu…. Voice of Pilot/Captain Bialar Crais
Rockne S. O’Bannon…. Writer

Original Air Date‚ÄĒ19 March 1999
Farscape “Pilot”:¬†Astronaut John Crichton’s “Farscape-1” space module is swallowed by a wormhole and spat out on the other side of the universe into the middle of a space battle. Taken on board “Moya”, a huge bio-mechanoid living ship, desperately trying to escape Peacekeeper captivity. On board Moya is a group of alien fugitives trying to escape from the ruthless Peacekeepers, a local military regime. While managing to escape the immediate threat, John Crichton forms friendships with the prisoners and continues to look for a way home. But later a race of beings called, “The Ancients” implanted knowledge about the power of wormholes in his mind and this knowledge makes him a wanted man throught the Uncharted Territories. Now, John and his crewmates are on the run from ruthless alien races that want his knowledge so they can make wormhole weapons to take over the universe. Despite all that happens to him, despite his friendships and relationships with the crew, at the end of the day he wants to get home to Earth. This 2-hour TV pilot was later divided into episodes 1 and 3 of Farscape the series.


The script is in it’s entirety and is actually from the movie as written by the writer. As with any script, there may be some slight differences between the script and what is shown on screen; this is absolutely normal. We will always try to make sure you get the latest draft available. The script itself¬†measures¬†8.5″ x 11″, 3 hole punched and includes the Hollywood standard double brass plated fasteners to secure it together. As a bonus we also attach 2 heavy card stock covers on the front and back to protect during shipping and regular use to preserve your script.

The autographs on the cover are color reprints of the original authentic signatures using state of the art digital laser-guided technology for the highest quality and clarity. They look amazing! We guarantee our reprints are from authentic originals and never from home-made fakes (like others sell). Please send us an email if you need further clarification of what a reprint is.

The signatures are in excellent condition and are a great collector’s item for a fan or if you ever wanted to know how a script is actually written. Also it is a unique and valueable gift for family or friends who are fans. It looks great on a shelf, on the coffee table and even framed on the wall. This item is not sold in stores and is exclusive to us (and you).

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Farscape Signed TV Script

Farscape Signed TV Script